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Micar21 offers the following services in the process of developing innovative medicinal cosmetics..

Discovery of new unique substances as a major component of a finished product.

Discovery of a new unique substance, a molecule which can be the active and major component of a finished product with the effect requested by the client. This substance can be based on natural products and can be derived from them, but this actually makes the process more difficult and expensive.

We offer solely new unique substances, which can be patented, tested and brought into new innovative medicinal cosmetic products.

Thus, your product will be unique on the world market and should be patented accordingly. It can be a new and/or a single solution. For example, in the field of drug design, our company, together with our foreign partners, is working on a project for the discovery and development of a drug for the still untreatable heart disease cardiomyopathy. In the field of medicinal cosmetics, together with a Bulgarian company and at their request, at the moment we start a project to find a new effective way to combat psoriasis.

All substances are accompanied by the respective certificates of activity, based on tests carried out by foreign companies only. This enables clients to easily patent their initial product and obtain a permission to carry out subsequent clinical studies, if needed.

Optimization of a discovered new substance as a major component of a finished product.

Optimizing the initially discovered active substance is a mandatory process, especially when the substance cannot be extracted naturally, i.e. from a natural product. Even in the latter case, optimization leads to significant decrease of the production costs.

This is a complex process where a certain molecule, which was found to be active and thus aids or stops a particular physiological process, is subjected to a change of its structure in order to increase its activity and remove any potential toxic effects.

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