What is our methodology for creating a unique patented medicinal cosmetic product for the world market

What is our methodology?

Our projects are led by specialists with high scientific potential and extensive experience acquired abroad, both in academic institutions and in industry. Essentially, the project assigned by the client is executed in several stages.

- First, scanning is performed on millions of chemical substances, and, by use of all the most modern means, it is estimated whether they would be active to a particular protein which basically determines a certain physiological process. This stage is particularly important because the cost only of a single substance for direct experimental testing is about $100, which automatically leads to the need for investment in the range of several million dollars. Considering that, every client can understand why no medicinal and cosmetic substances are developed in Bulgaria. Through our technology we reduce the number according to the clients request to 10-100 substances, which are experimentally tested and the one with the highest activity and potentially low toxicity is selected – that is the lead compound. Our company guarantees 50% success in identifying new substances, i.e. we guarantee that at least 5 of the tested 10 substances will be active. Further, with the relevant certificates issued by our foreign partners and us, this can be easily patented, and the client can decide how to continue its development to a final product.

- Second, we provide optimization of the above-mentioned lead compound in order to increase its activity and eliminate the potential toxic effects. This is usually the most expensive stage in the pharmaceutical industry, and it is carried out through a combination of theoretical and experimental methods. At this stage, transformation of a particular active molecule into another is performed, and this is a costly procedure. This is why we can estimate in advance which molecules would have the optimal effect, using a method newly introduced in the pharmaceutical industry at the end of 2014. After the finalization of this stage and the relevant experimental tests, when the certificates are issued, the client receives the final product, which is, namely, a new unique substance for their product intended for the cosmetic or the pharmaceutical industry.

Here, we wish to point out that the methodology for the development of a new effective active substance, e.g. treatment of wrinkles or of a certain disease, is practically the same. Therefore, it is up to the clients to decide what would be their economic benefit from the development of a product with a specific influence to a particular physiological process or disease. Our company is not involved in the implementation of products on the market.

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