Create a new, unique, patented medicinal cosmetic product for the world market

The company

Although our company mainly focuses on the development of new drug substances, considering the new framework period of the research and innovation program 2014-2020, we decided to offer our clients the opportunity for developing innovative medicinal cosmetic products. Essentially, the initial development of a new drug and of a unique innovative medicinal cosmetic product is the same, and the latter is even more complex to execute.

It is no secret that our pharmaceutical industry is entirely based on the production of generic drugs, i.e. those for which the patent has expired, and they date back to decades ago, while innovative solutions are only imported from abroad. Currently, there is no new drug developed by a Bulgarian pharmaceutical company. The situation is similar for the medicines used in cosmetics. What is offered is the development of “new” ones, which are actually combinations of substances dating back to over 50 years ago. This leads to the inability of our companies in this sector to be competitive on the global market.

Our company is one of the few in the world which can really help you develop an innovative product. The reason is that giant companies have their own innovation centers, and high-end specialists abroad work mainly for such companies or prestigious universities. Foreign companies that have similar activity to ours very quickly in their development also “close” the cycle and avoid offering such services, while focusing on the straight implementation of market-ready products. The reason for this is very logical and is due to that fact that the initial phase of the discovery of an active substance and its optimization in terms of increasing its activity and eliminating the toxic effects is the most expensive part in the manufacture of a drug. For example, only the optimization of an already discovered molecule with potential therapeutic benefit cost an average of 414 million dollars, which was even more than the subsequent clinical trials in hospitals. The latter is based on data from major pharmaceutical companies for the period 2004-2014. Even outsourcing services in this sector are more commonly used.

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